MJB Photography | Profile

Welcome to MJB Photography! 


Marti Buckely has been interested in photography most of her life and has won numerous awards with camera clubs in the Chicago area including CACCA, the Chicago Area Camera Clubs Association. 


A member of PSA (Photographic Society of America), Marti has currently earned two stars in the Projected Imaging Division of PSA.  Stars are earned by competing in exhibitions worldwide and being accepted in the top 30% of entries.


Known mostly for her landscapes and natural subjects, Marti also like to dabble in the creative side of Photoshop and has become the "warped" photographer - taking flowers and other subjects and using a combination of the Polar Coordinate filter to create her "warped" images.


As a pilot, Marti has done some aviation works along with sporting events and other action photography.


Marti likes to help people learn to use their cameras and the software to produce good images.  Her goal is to set up workshops where people can come to learn from the basics up to advanced techniques.